I’m back!

I recently got this website back up and running and I have been trying to decide what would be a good opening post for the new version of It’s a Frickin Moon. I’ve decided that it would be fitting to share with you how I came up with this name for a website in the first place.

A long time ago (when I was in middle school I think), I had a weird dream. In it, I went to an underground beach. After having a fun time literally running on top of the water (because screw physics), I suddenly became worried that the volcano heating the water at the underground beach was going to erupt and I decided to leave. The tone of the dream turned from fun to cartoonishly nightmarish. As I walked toward the exit, I saw a couple of guys who were also trying to leave getting stuck in mud and struck by lightning (even though this was still underground) while talking about their desperate need to escape the underground beach.

As I walked further toward the exit, I saw a giant monster with a head vaguely resembling the skull of a mammoth. It was hurling giant balls of snot at the two guys from earlier. After repeated hits from this creature, the men stopped moving. Then, I suddenly got teleported up close to this creature. Seemingly not noticing me, it climbed up to the sky where a massive full moon was visible (once again, even though this was underground). I said to myself “A mammoth climbed the moon?” The creature immediately climbed all the way back down in a split second, stared at me with its hollow eye sockets, and yelled “IT’S A FRICKIN MOON!”

That’s when I woke up. Even though I mostly experienced the dream as a nightmare, looking back I think my subconscious came up with some pretty interesting stuff there. I hope by sharing this dream I gave you some insight as to how strange my subconscious is.

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